Lawn Care Services
Frequently Asked Questions
» When should I expect to start having my lawn mowed in the spring?
  Most companies tend to start, weather permitting, after the snow clears out. In Northern Climates, this generally would be around the middle of March.
» Why would I still have weeds after having my first application of product?
  You will generally notice some weeds until the broad-leaf varieties have been allowed to mature a bit. Weed control granules for the broad leaf variety of weeds is not preventative in nature, so the weeds have to be mature in order for the weed control methods to work.
» How often should I have my lawn care services professional apply fertilizer?
  Throughout the industry, it is generally accepted practice to recommend fertilization every 5 weeks or so.
» How often should I be watering my lawn?
  Recommended watering practices to follow would be to water your lawn in the morning between 5am and 9am for about 30 minutes per zone in your lawn.
» How can aeration benefit my lawn specifically?
  1. It permits air and water circulation to penetrate to the roots easier.
2. It assists in reducing thatch which can suffocate your lawn.
3. It promotes a healthy lawn by helping in disease prevention.
4. It helps the root structure to grow healthier and deeper which in turn means a healthier and greener lawn.
» Should my lawn care services provider be licensed?
  Yes. All states require licenses for companies which apply chemical pesticides. This insures that they adhere to regulations for the application of chemicals, as well as giving you a limit in liability.
» Is there a preferred time to re-seed my lawn?
  Early fall is the best time to reseed. It protects the new grass from the very harsh hot summer days. However, you can seed in early spring as long as you're able to provide sufficient water to your newly grown seedlings.