Lawn Care Services
Lawn Care Services for the Consumer
» Lawn Fertilization: The first step to take in bringing your lawn to it's full potential is to provide it with the essential nutrients to grow into the thick, plush green carpet that it can be.
» Weed Control: In order to obtain the greenest, most perfect lawn possible, sometimes some weed control is necessary. Now, weed control doesn't just mean killing and getting rid of your weed population. It also takes into account the reason the weeds are there in the first place. The best way to combat the occurrence of weeds, is to have a dense, healthy lawn. This prevents the weeds from being able to gain a foothold in your lawn. For this reason, simply killing the weeds is not enough. You will need to make sure your lawn is healthy or else the weeds will just return.
» Pest Control: You will want to find a company that not only applies the EPA approved pesticides, you'll be served best by hiring a service that will help you solve the problem in a more permanent fashion. A good company will look for common entry points that pests use to get inside your home, and work at establishing a perimeter which prevents the need to use the chemicals inside your home.
» Lawn Aeration: In order to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant, it needs oxygen to live, and lawn aeration is a good way to insure that the root structure of your lawn is getting the right amount of oxygen. How does aeration work? Your lawn care services professional will remove small plugs of soil from around your yard in order to let your lawn breathe, in a manner of speaking.
» Lawn Maintenance: A knowledgeable lawn care services professional will know exactly the right height to cut your lawn to. Just like any plant, grass needs it's leaves in order to facilitate photosynthesis. If you cut too much off of the blade, then the roots of the lawn are not going to get enough nourishment. Another thing to look out for is to make sure that your lawn care services professional keeps their blades sharp. A clean cut is essential to maintaining the vibrant green appearance of your lawn.
» Landscape Maintenance: Taking care of your land is much more than just making sure your lawn is healthy. Your landscape includes much more than just grass, and your lawn care services professional should also be well versed in keeping all aspects of your landscape healthy. You'll need assurances that they are able to provide weeding, mulching, nutrient management, edging, shrub and tree trimming (or pruning), insect control, as well as disease identification and control. All of these elements together comprise a well rounded lawn care services provider, and you should expect that they are able to competently assist in any issue that might arise in your home's natural ecosystem.
» This list will get you on your way to finding a lawn care service that meets your needs. Feel free to peruse the rest of our site for more info!.